I started this website around this period of time called “Christmas”  So there is no better time, to help God’s people back to the truth, in what this period of time can mean and what it may represent, and the spiritual significance and dangers which may lay behind it.

From time to time, I will put up little teachings, to share with you, on how I  see the dangers of these traditions that have been taken over, by so many of today’s Christians.



Does Truth Matter

Out there, as usual we have many different views about what this means too many and to Christians alike. Some say we should celebrate it, some say we should not, some, I think, just go along with the flow and think nothing more of it.

And this is my take on this:

Just about everyone does agree, that Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, was not born on 25 December.

Over a period of many years, I have gone through this many times, looking at this from various angles, from people who hold different viewpoints from various belief systems. But what bothers me most, is why some Christians say, “it doesn’t matter” or “we should celebrate/acknowledge Jesus Christ’s birth”

First of all, just because a person says, they don’t celebrate Christmas, this does not automatically mean, that person does not acknowledge the birth of God’s ONLY begotten Son. It’s seems to me, that a person always seems to direct their thoughts in that way. I acknowledge the birth of God’s ONLY begotten Son, Jesus Christ, it’s just that I don’t acknowledge and except the date, in which the world tells us to acknowledge it. That date was given to us by man.

Did the Apostle Paul celebrate it? Well I see no record of it in the New Testament.

Around November/December 2012, the Pope published his new book and had this to say:

“It’s Christmas, but not as you know it: a new book released this week by Pope Benedict XVI looks at the early life of Jesus — and debunks several myths about how the Nativity unfolded.”

“In “Jesus of Nazareth — The Infancy Narratives,” the pope says the Christian calendar is actually based on a blunder by a sixth century monk, who Benedict says was several years off in his calculation of Jesus’ birth date.”

“The pope also looks at scholarly studies of the Bible, some of which have indicated for decades that the traditionally accepted birth date for Jesus is wrong, Speciale said.”

I am not saying that we should not acknowledge the birth of God’s ONLY begotten Son, Jesus Christ. I think it’s extremely important that we do acknowledge God’s Son’s birth. As equally, as it’s important that we should acknowledge and confess and believe in our inner depths of our heart, that God Almighty raised His ONLY begotten Son back from the dead. Now with Jesus Christ, being the “FIRSTFRUITS” of those that slept. (1Co 15:20)

So is it important?

Joh 16:13 GW
(13) When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into the full truth. He won’t speak on his own. He will speak what he hears and will tell you about things to come.

Now what is truth?

Is celebrating that Jesus Christ was born on 25 December truth? No

Do we use this period of time each year, to teach others the truth?

Or do we just join in the celebrations without even telling and helping our families or friends, about the truth.

Does truth really matter?

Well according to John 16:13 it does. “When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into the full truth”

If I told you that my birth date was on the 15 November, and you found out later from someone else, that my birth date was actually 15 August, would you see that I was walking in truth?

If this does not matter to you, then truth does not matter to you, and you will walk in any way you want and you will probably make endless excuses for yourself, for not excepting truth. So when someone lies to you, don’t get upset.

As believers, we can and should stand out as ‘’Children of Light” and use this period of time, to teach others truth, without getting mixed up with all the traditions.

3Jn 1:4 GW
(4) Nothing makes me happier than to hear that my children are living according to the truth.

What does 25 December represent *coming soon*