001 Thurs, 6 Nov 2014

Another day has come, another day, I try to lead your people back to you. I learn from your word, I get guidance from your speech.   I cannot see under this new covenant that we are to disobey you.   Under grace does this mean, that we are free to do as we please?  When reading your word, I see something different. When speaking to people, people who tell me they are your people, with some obedience seems furthest away form their minds. “We are not under the law, they say”  My thoughts go onto this new place, that you are going to create, a wonderful place where righteousness will dwell, a place of safety, joy and happiness, the people who will be living in this place, will love you and except your direction, because they know you and your ways.

You have placed your teachings within my heart. I battled in the beginning, I was not happy and fought against it, but you never gave up on me, you gently guided me, showed me the correct way.   I wanted to do my own will, not yours, but you gently showed me a better way.   I lost my job, others did not understand why I was not unhappy about it, but looking back, this gave me the opportunity to spend time with you, to know you, to understand you.  You put your teachings within me.  I wanted to share this with others, I wanted to share with them, how you could work within them, as you worked with me.  They make comments about being in a religion, but I am not.  All I am doing is listening to you, and you put your teachings within me.   You showed me what you loved and you showed me what you hated.

I hear them say, “I have been set free, free to do as I please, free from the law, I am under grace”  In this new place you are going to create, will there be people there, who will cry out the same, your word tells me something else. People mock your words, and I get distressed over it.  Those that say they have been set free, have they really been set free?  To follow you, to listen to you, to be guided by you.  A person who wants to know you, will want to be guided by you.  A person who does know you, will do their best to guide and help others to know you.  One is either guided by you or by the world.  One has either received wisdom from you, or wisdom from world.

One day you will create a place, a renewed place, where your people would have made the correct choice.  Help us all to make the right choices, to listen to the right voice, to gain wisdom from the correct source, so that we can be in that place.

Psa 19:14 LITV
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing before You, O Jehovah, my Rock and my Redeemer.