The Power of Prayer


Does God really answer prayer, and if so, why are sometimes our prayers not answered?  What should we pray about?  How should we prayer?  Who should we prayer for?

In Luke 11, Jesus’ disciples asked, “Lord teach us to pray”

If we want to know how to pray, we must learn from our great teacher, Jesus. Jesus said unto them, when you pray, say, “Our Father which art in heaven.” This gives us a guideline and shows us how we should start of our prayers.

The purpose of this little study on prayer, is to help us and encourage us in our prayer life, by learning from examples from our Lord Jesus and from the anointed believers in the Old & New Testament.  Learning what to pray about, should we make requests, being thankful & praiseworthy in our prayers, interceding on behalf of others, and are there any conditions to meet before God will hear our prayers.

By studying and reading the book of Acts, we can get a guide on how the start of the early church prayed.

What is prayer?  Acts 4:24; 31, payer is simply man or women speaking to God, expressing their thoughts, concerns & requests to God, Romans 10:1, you are communicating with God.