4. Prayer Notebook

By Wolfgang Schneider

A very helpful item for me in the development of my prayer life has been a prayer notebook. I have taken a small empty booklet (or a binder with lose leafs will do as well); then I divided each page into two columns. The left column which needs to be a little wider I defined to be my “topics” column, the smaller right column I designated to be my “scriptures” column.

Next I divided my notebook into those 7 areas or categories, and above the columns I wrote the category designation as a title. Then I began to make note of different thoughts and points for each of those categories, keeping the ideas and descriptions in my “topics” column and writing down any appropriate scripture references (related promises, exhortation, comfort, etc.) next to them in the “scriptures” column. With time and as I pray every day, I begin to fill in more things I would like to pray for or pray about, and I simply add them to the appropriate category. Reflecting upon those scriptures gives me a strong basis for my praying. Then, as I pray, I simply use my prayer notebook and use the points as reminders, pointers, etc. of what I intend and want to pray for.