10 Commandments

These last few months, I have been doing a lot of research on God’s Holy Days & Sabbaths, which lead me also to do some research and understanding on the 10 Commandments, in that, are we still under them or not.  I was just amazed that the more I discussed this with others on Facebook, or read articles about it, how so many think that the moral law has been done away with, even with indirectly being accused of being if one lives by the law they will be judged by the law, which is basically quoting from Romans 2:12.

Lets read these verses in Romans 2.  It’s all very well to just quote one verse out of context, but one does need to read more than that to get the full context & meaning of what’s being said.?

God judges everyone the same. It doesn’t matter who they are. People who have the law and those who have never heard of the law are all the same when they sin. People who don’t have the law and are sinners will be lost. And, in the same way, those who have the law and are sinners will be judged by the law. Hearing the law does not make people right with God. They will be right before him only if they always do what the law says. Those who are not Jews don’t have the law. But when they naturally do what the law commands without even knowing the law, then they are their own law. This is true even though they don’t have the written law. They show that in their hearts they know what is right and wrong, the same as the law commands, and their consciences agree. Sometimes their thoughts tell them that they have done wrong, and this makes them guilty. And sometimes their thoughts tell them that they have done right, and this makes them not guilty. All this will happen on the day when God will judge people’s secret thoughts through Jesus Christ. This is part of the Good News that I tell everyone. What about you? You say you are a Jew. You trust in the law and proudly claim to be close to God. You know what God wants you to do. And you know what is important, because you have learned the law. You think you are a guide for people who don’t know the right way, a light for those who are in the dark. You think you can show foolish people what is right. And you think you are a teacher for those who are just beginning to learn. You have the law, and so you think you know everything and have all truth. You teach others, so why don’t you teach yourself? You tell them not to steal, but you yourself steal. You say they must not commit adultery, but you yourself are guilty of that sin. You hate idols, but you steal them from their temples. You are so proud that you have God’s law, but you bring shame to God by breaking his law. As the Scriptures say, “People in other nations insult God because of you.” If you follow the law, then your circumcision has meaning. But if you break the law, then it is as if you were never circumcised. Those who are not Jews are not circumcised. But if they do what the law says, it is as if they were circumcised. You have the written law and circumcision, but you break the law. So those who are not circumcised in their bodies, but still obey the law, will show that you are guilty. You are not a true Jew if you are only a Jew in your physical body. True circumcision is not only on the outside of the body. A true Jew is one who is a Jew inside. True circumcision is done in the heart. It is done by the Spirit, not by the written law. And anyone who is circumcised in the heart by the Spirit gets praise from God, not from people. (Rom 2:11-29 ERV)

The more I studied this, and read different articles, trying to see their point of view as to why they thought the way they did, and the more I thought about it, I just could not fathom to think God’s moral law has been done away with. Indirectly according to some Christian people, we can do as we please, so in other words, each Christian could act any way they want, as they were their “own” god, with their own set of rules (laws).  Well take a look at the world, isn’t this what man is doing already?  So where has this got us?

We know that the law is good if someone uses it right. We also know that the law is not made for those who do what is right. It is made for those who are against the law and refuse to follow it. The law is for sinners who are against God and all that is pleasing to him. It is for those who have no interest in spiritual things and for those who kill their fathers or mothers or anyone else. It is for those who commit sexual sins, homosexuals, those who sell slaves, those who tell lies, those who don’t tell the truth under oath, and those who are against the true teaching of God. That teaching is part of the Good News that our blessed God gave me to tell. In it we see his glory.  (1Ti 1:8-11 ERV)

So who is this law for?

I think 1 Timothy 1:8-11, says it all.

So in this section, I am going to share some articles from others, that may get us all to think, and maybe readjust our thinking on certain subjects.   Please understand this, that I am not condemning anyone, but I am asking you to please look at this from another angle, from which you may have previously been taught, and to know and fully understand the difference between, the ceremonial laws and the moral law, and what law was nailed to the cross, meaning done away with.